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Baldwin Residuals and Fairmount Reservoir

This project involves the construction of two water reservoir storage tanks, possibly utilizing the footprint of the existing reservoir.  After decommissioning, the reservoir will be backfilled and the new tanks will be supported on either a shallow or a deep foundation system bearing on sound shale bedrock.  The area north of the existing reservoir and the water storage building were formerly a reservoir area filled with an unknown material.  This area will be developed and paved.  Additionally, berms will be removed and the slopes graded to meet the existing roadway grades for site development at the south and west sides of the reservoir.

Based on the preliminary design information, the tank will consist of a cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor, a precast, wire-wound, prestressed concrete wall with a continuous mechanically bonded steel diaphragm and a precast or cast-in-place prestressed clear span concrete dome with no interior columns. 

Somat Engineering, Inc. was responsible for the geotechnical services on the design of tank foundations, earthwork, and site development.  Somat provided engineering for oversight on all drilling operations (drilling a dozen borings) and provided geotechnical assistance in the preparation of the Basis of Design Report.  Also, Somat provided the concrete survey condition for ten (10) structures located in the Residual Handling Site and prepared New Access Road Feasibility Technical Memorandum from Baldwin Plant to the Residual Handling Site.  In addition, Somat will be involved in post design services and the New Access Road design.


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