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Cleveland Flats East Bank Development


The Flats East Bank Redevelopment project is being revitalized and transformed into a $225 million mixed-use neighborhood.  The project is planned to include 331 units of housing, 255,000 square feet of retail and entertainment, and a 450,000 square foot office building.  It will have many environmentally friendly features, from green buildings to pedestrian friendly public spaces.  The project is the result of a major private-public partnership between the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, the State of Ohio, Cleveland Municipal School District, Ohio Department of Transportation, the Federal Government, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, the Army Corps of Engineers and many others who are all assisting the project with financing or infrastructure investments.

Somat was the geotechnical consultant for the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) project defined under the Flats East Bank Development project.  The project consists of the design of storm, sanitary and combined sewer improvements, including a new wastewater pump station, and new outfall structure for the future redevelopment of the East Bank of the Cleveland Flats area.  Over 4,000 lineal feet of new storm and combined gravity sewer, and approximately 1500 feet of force main, will be installed within the limits of the proposed redevelopment, and to the areas just south and east.  The primary sewer installation method will be open cut, however, approximately 1,000 feet of sewer will be installed with jack and bore techniques.  The project also comprises the design and construction of an 8 million gallon per day pump station.  The approximately 50-foot diameter pump station will bear about 44 feet below existing grade, and be supported on a 7-foot thick mat foundation.

As the Geotechnical Engineering partner, Somat provided oversight for all drilling operations.  Field operations consisted of 14 soil borings and the installation of one piezometer.  A supplemental geotechnical investigation was required due to the relocation of the pump station and other major design changes.  Somat developed, coordinated and performed the supplemental geotechnical field investigation, as well as the associated laboratory testing.


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