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Wyandotte Water Clarifier Condition Survey

Clarifier structures constructed in the 1970s and mid 1980s were showing evidence of structural hairline cracking and spalling.  Additionally, water was observed emanating from the ground in the area surrounding the effluent line from Clarifier No. 3.  The purpose of this investigation was to determine the overall structural condition of the structures, determine the cause of the leak in Clarifier No. 3 and to recommend a rehabilitation program for the structures for the continued use of the facility.

Somat Engineering, Inc. conducted a structure condition survey and investigation into the leak at Clarifier No. 3.  General types and locations of cracking, spalls, and other types of distress were mapped and measured, and accompanied by digital photographs and video.  The exposed exteriors of all six structures were surveyed.  Nondestructive testing (Schmidt Hammer Tests) were performed on the exposed surfaces to estimate the existing compressive strength of the structure following ASTM C805 guidelines.

Upon approval of the Wyandotte Wastewater Treatment Plant, cores samples of the exterior wall, interior chamber walls, interior walls and floor slabs were collected using a two-inch core barrel to determine the surface condition of the concrete material.  Core holes were patched with ASTM C-1107) grout.

In an effort to pinpoint the location of the leak from Clarifier No 3, a back-hoe was used to excavate a small test pit on the south side of the pipe, exposing the concrete encasement at the structure and about four feet of the pipe down to approximately the springline.  The interior of the effluent chamber was also examined from the interior of the chamber to the first and second section of effluent pipe.  Details of the investigations were documented and photographed.


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