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SOMAT ENGINEERING, INC. has been providing quality-focused workmanship and integrity in client service to both federal, state and local governments and private sector clients since 1986.  Successful businesses develop a thorough understanding of their clients' needs and goals.  Understanding a client's vision enables us to develop well-planned project approaches as well as innovative and cost-effective infrastructure engineering solutions.

Our diverse portfolio encompasses a variety of comprehensive consulting engineering services including:

  • Construction Inspection and Testing
  • Information Technology Solutions
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Water/Wastewater Engineering

Our certifications include:

  • U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by Michigan Department of Transportation, Ohio Department of Transportation, and City of Cleveland, Ohio
  • Minority Business Enterprise by the City of Detroit, and County of Wayne in Michigan, and City of Cleveland, Ohio

US SBA 8(a) Business

Under the US Federal Government Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program, we are eligible to pursue contracts set aside for SBA 8(a) certified businesses.  In pursuit of government work, we often team with other eligible firms.

Small Business, Big Results – Let Us Share Your Vision

We have been successful in implementing our clients' visions ranging from modest assignments to large, multimillion dollar projects.  The benefit of utilizing our small business is a quicker response to client requests without cumbersome red tape.  Our diverse workforce offers a wide range of talented resources with local, national and global experience.  This expansive experience affords us a broad view of applicable engineering concepts.  Understanding the “big picture” from the engineering design perspective and the client’s vision, enables us to differentiate the “wants” from the “needs” and the “feasible” from the “improbable” to develop cost-saving solutions.

As a well-established and specialized firm, we provide diverse engineering services such as foundation analysis and design, underground and superstructure design, soil improvement, water and wastewater system design, roadway and highway design, geotechnical investigation, tunnel design, construction inspection, pavement design and management, material testing, structural distress evaluation, non-destructive testing, rehabilitation and restoration of constructed facilities, feasibility studies, cost estimating, alternative evaluation, environmental regulatory compliance and hazardous material assessment and control.  We have also begun providing innovative information technology solutions to our government and private clients.

Our extensive engineering portfolio includes predesign, construction inspection and general contracting projects ranging from major wastewater treatment plant upgrades/construction to road and bridge rehabilitation.  We service a global client base, from Detroit, MI, to Bangalore, India.

The Perfect Partner

Our success in developing long-term relationships with our clients and partners is rooted in our ability to fully engage each team member and provide excellence in our collaborative approach to the design, engineering and construction of a project.  When required, we are able to complement the project team and supplement special project needs through partnering.  As your teaming partner with our specialized services, we are able to enhance the team’s abilities to identify constructability, schedule and cost issues early in the process so that we can tackle project challenges together.

Our engineers, environmental specialists, geologists, LEED and safety certified professionals develop long-term relationships with our clients and partners by working closely throughout the course of the project to deliver design/construction solutions that incorporate innovation, proven techniques and high quality standards for more accurate costs, and construction schedules.

Team of Professionals

Our registered professionals are highly skilled in all areas from planning to design and into implementation.  We are experienced with the permitting and bidding processes, project coordination with subconsultants and constructors, cost control issues and construction inspection requirements.  Our employees are mentored and receive continuous training to ensure they are knowledgeable in current practices.  Our employees take pride in their work and take the necessary steps to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients to provide outstanding service with honesty, integrity and fairness.

Safety Always

Our Safety Always practices reinforce effective measures established to protect workers and the public from safety hazards.  Somat’s licensed engineers and state certified technicians have a thorough knowledge of OSHA, MDOT, FHWA, FAA, and local government/agency safety standards.

Fully Equipped

Somat operates and maintains its own highly reliable, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) American Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) accredited testing laboratory.  Our laboratory in Taylor, Michigan, is recognized for its competency in testing and compliance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) international standards and specifications.  We are also qualified to conduct material testing for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Our construction material laboratory service includes testing of Portland Cement Concrete, Bituminous Paving Materials, Aggregate and Soils. 

Somat's primary objective is to deliver excellence in every aspect of our business.  We aim to reach this objective every day, through purpose, direction, focus and leadership.

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