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Somat provides construction engineering and inspection on a variety of infrastructure and development projects including roads, bridges, facilities, water/wastewater and airports.  Our qualified engineers, inspectors and technicians bring a wealth of hands-on experience to such projects.  We have experience in providing on-site inspections and project oversight to verify compliance of materials and workmanship with the contract specifications.  Our staff is qualified in determining the issues in the field and we are able to make quick decisions minimizing construction delays and overruns.  Our inspectors maintain detailed field daily reports and document the field activities.  Additionally, we provide project administration, coordination, submittal review, materials testing, cost estimating and claims analysis services. 

Somat also provides construction oversight, construction management and program management services.  Complex projects demand experienced and qualified field personnel.  Somat provides a full spectrum of site inspections and construction materials testing services performed by experienced and certified inspectors and technicians led by competent engineers. 

Our engineers design and implement Geotechnical Instrumentation monitoring program to monitor such movement during construction activities.  Our inspectors and technicians have thorough knowledge of MDOT, ASTM, AASHTO, FHWA, FAA and local government testing standards and requirements.

Somat has an AMRL Accredited Laboratory and we participate in an on-going performance monitoring program.  Somat maintains a full service CCRL accredited facility for field and laboratory testing of all relevant areas associated with concrete construction. Our technicians are trained to perform QA/QC tests in all aspects of bituminous construction, including testing of asphalt. Our field services department provides experienced and trained technicians to perform observation and testing of soils used to construct embankments or engineered fills for buildings or roads or backfill of utilities and foundations.

Somat is currently accredited by AMRL for the following ASTM and AASHTO specifications: 

  • Hot Mix Asphalt (T164 – D2172, D3666),
  • Aggregate (C40, C117, C127, C128, C136, C566, C702, C1077),
  • Soil  (T88, T99, T180, T265, T310 – D422, D698, D1557, D2216, D2487, D2488, D2922, D3017), and
  • Portland Cement Concrete (C31, C39, C78, C138, C143, C172, C173, C231, C1064, C1077, C1231).

Our firm participates in AMRL’s on-going proficiency sample testing program under which it receives samples from AMRL for testing.  The results are compared statistically to evaluate the laboratory’s performance and competency at the national level and standard.  Somat is also qualified to conduct material tests by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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