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Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Upper Rouge Tunnel Project

The Upper Rouge Tunnel Project will divert overflow during heavy rains and snow melts and direct it away from the Rouge River to Detroit’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The tunnel parallels the Rouge River 160 feet below ground, running approximately seven miles.  The Upper Rouge Tunnel Project is estimated to reduce the number of overflows to the Rouge River from 55 to 1 per year.  As a member of the design team, Somat is responsible for the geotechnical field investigation and preparation of the Geotechnical Data Report (GDR) for the Basis of Design of the CSO tunnel.  The project consisted of a 37,000 foot long two level 20/34.5 foot diameter tunnel, 13 drop structures, and one dewatering pump station. 

Michigan Department of Transportation Ambassador Bridge Gateway Project

The Ambassador Bridge Gateway Project involved the redesign of the U.S. side of the Detroit-Windsor, Ontario, Canada border crossing.  This will include new access to the Ambassador Bridge, in anticipation of access to a second bridge spanning the Detroit River alongside the existing Ambassador Bridge.  In addition to improved access to the border crossing the project includes community redevelopment in the Mexicantown neighborhood adjacent to the bridge.  A cable-stayed pedestrian bridge will cross I-75 to connect the sections of Mexicantown, which have been separated since the construction of I-75.  Somat’s involvement included performing geotechnical investigations for each of the new bridge structures and retaining walls.  In total, about 120 borings were drilled for a total of about 10,000 lineal feet of drilling, spanning about eight months of fieldwork.

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department CS-1364 Oakwood CSO Control Facility Pump Station

In response to a federal mandate which requires technology-based controls on discharges to the nation’s waterways, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) is replacing the existing Oakwood Pump Station and construction a retention basin to eliminate untreated overflow into the Rouge River.

Somat Engineering, in consultation with the design team, planned and performed the complete geotechnical investigation for the new pump station, the storage basin, the associated facilities, and the inlet and outlet sewers to the proposed CSO control facility.  Somat assisted the design team with evaluation of different alternatives for the configuration of the proposed Oakwood CSO control facility with geotechnical input. 

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