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Connor Creek CSO Basin

This project involved the construction of a combined sewer overflow (CSO) detention basin at Conner Avenue and Freud Avenue in Detroit.  This sewer district is located on the north-central boundary of Detroit. It is bounded on the north by the Oakland County boundary on Eight Mile Road and the Cities of Ferndale, Oak Park and Warren.  To the west is the Hubbell Sewer District, and to the east is the Fox Creek Sewer District. To the south lay the Baby Creek, Central, and East Jefferson Sewer Districts.  Some of the community of Highland Park and part of Hamtramck are included in the Connor Creek Sewer District, although these cities are also considered to be suburban customers of DWSD.

The basin is being constructed partially within the existing Conner Creek waterway that drains into the Detroit River.  The detention basin construction is part of the City of Detroit’s efforts to cleanup the Detroit and Rouge Rivers.

Somat was responsible for monitoring the contractor’s activities with regard to the dredging of a portion of Conner Creek as mandated by the MDEQ.  An innovative “hydraulic” dredging technique using geotubes is being utilized on the project and Somat assisted with the monitoring of this system.  Construction cost: $85 million.

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