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CS 1347 - As Needed Contract

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, (DWSD)’s Field Services group manages the DWSD CS-1347, As-Needed Engineering Services for Concrete Testing, Geotechnical Soil Borings and Other Testing Services, and Related Services contract. Somat serves as the assigned engineer under CS-1347.  The project tasks under this contract have varied. To date, 39 tasks have been assigned.  The various tasks range from studies to design and construction oversight to construction activities.

This contract has involved overall management, quality assurance/quality control testing of concrete, asphalt, backfill and other construction materials and inspection of contractors' activities.  Additional services involved geotechnical investigations and soil testing for roadways, water mains, sewer pipes, buildings and underground structures.  Somat performed several soil borings, soil classification tests, groundwater determinations and foundation evaluations.

Other specific tasks under this contract have involved concrete condition surveys in flumes, flight services to assist DWSD in observing critical infrastructure installations, removal and replacement of expansion joints; replacement of drain valves, repair of cracks and spalls in the concrete walls of the discharge flumes, design of a 36-inch transmission water main, water main location, emergency repairs of raw water conduit joints, geotechnical and structural evaluation of New Administration Building settlement problems, inspection services during sediment dredging at Conner’s Creek; design and program management of water main replacements, CSO basin construction oversight, construction inspections, materials testing and geotechnical investigations.  Total project budget: $8 million.

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