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DTW Airport - South Access Rd.

The South Access Road (SAR) project at Detroit Metropolitan Airport involved the design of approximately four miles of new depressed and elevated roadways and tunnels beneath active runways and taxiways, existing parking lots and the construction site of a new terminal.  The new road was designed to provide a second entryway to the airport and reduce congestion at the airport and at the freeway exits at the north end of the airport.

The geotechnical field investigations included drilling over 5,800 feet soil borings and over 200 feet of rock coring up to a depth of 120 feet below the ground surface.  Standard testing included density, moisture content, unconfined compressive strength, Atterberg Limits, hydrometer and triaxial compression tests.  Subsurface soil parameters like active earth pressure, passive earth pressure, and coefficient of friction were computed based on to subsurface soil profile.  An engineering analysis of the field and laboratory data and geotechnical report addressed the design of slurry walls, tunnels, piers, retaining walls, and structure foundations.  Construction cost: $120 million.

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