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Geotechnical engineering provides a complete soil evaluation for the design and construction of bridges, buildings and other structures.  For more than two decades, Somat Engineering of Ohio, Inc. has been investigating existing subsurface conditions and materials; assessing risks posed by site conditions; designing earthworks and structure foundations; and monitoring site conditions, earthwork and foundation construction for agencies such as the transportation agencies, road commissions, municipalities, federal agencies, utilities, healthcare and educational facilities, and other commercial and private clients. 

Our professional engineers deliver soil investigations and analysis, field sampling, laboratory testing, and engineering analysis and evaluation in compliance with generally accepted principles of sound engineering practice.  Our Geotechnical Engineers will conduct site investigations of soil, rock, and distribution properties in the area of interest to determine if the project may be designed to interact with the given soil conditions.

Somat’s wide range of services include design services for highways, bridges, structures and earth retaining structures, subsurface investigation, in-situ testing, groundwater evaluation and monitoring, laboratory soil and rock testing, foundation design recommendations for buildings underground engineering for tunnels and shafts, and geotechnical instrumentation for vertical and horizontal ground movements. 

Using the geotechnical design parameters obtained through subsurface exploration and laboratory testing, Somat analyzes the possible modes of soil failure which could contribute to failure of the proposed structures.  Often, our geotechnical recommendations include multiple alternatives in order for the design team to select the best option with regard to practicality and economic viability.

Somat provides Geotechnical Engineering expertise through the construction phase of the project; providing geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring of below grade construction phases and engineering consultation.  Large scale below grade construction projects with critical movement criteria will be monitored with instruments such as inclinometers, tilt meters, settlement points, telltale and soil anchors to accurately assess the progress of the construction and the safety of the project.  Somat provides a comprehensive scope monitoring program, oversight of the installation of the instruments, and monitoring and analysis throughout the construction phase of the project.

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