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Please visit Somat's new Information Technology Solutions website by clicking here.  We are utilizing the latest web tools to have an ongoing conversation with our clients, partners, colleagues and the public about the use of innovative information technology by federal, state and local governments, and our efforts and experiences in this area.  We've also posted some of our activities on our YouTube channel.


Somat combines research, engineering and innovative thinking to deliver customized information technology products and services to both government and commercial organizations.  We leverage over 20 years of analytical and operational discipline developed by tackling complex engineering problems on critical infrastructure projects to assist our clients in selected areas of information technology, including data management, real-time data collection and search for enterprises, collaboration software, geographic information systems (GIS) and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

Somat serves a variety of sectors, including defense, law enforcement, transportation, financial and healthcare at the federal, state and municipal level.

We are also eligible as a US SBA 8(a) Business to participate in the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) various programs for contracting opportunities throughout the Federal Government.

Knowledge Management

Open systems of data management are increasingly being adopted by both public and private sector entities for reasons of cost, accuracy and efficiency.  The current administration has challenged information technology managers to explore more open systems.  Managers face a compelling need to understand the differences between traditional approaches to information technology and the increasingly important open approaches.

Somat presents innovative approaches to dealing with both the business and technical issues related to open system options and can help your organization overcome integration challenges with your traditional hardware and software systems.  We are a Microsoft Partner and are experts in all major Microsoft applications, including Sharepoint.  We are also well versed in Google's latest solutions, such as the Google Search Appliance, and can assist with integrating both Microsoft and Google technologies into your existing IT environment.

Our expertise in database design, web services and web applications is also applied to improve access to the right data within or outside your organization, when and where the user needs it.  This includes real-time data gathering and search, and innovative approaches to user communication and collaboration.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Somat leverages its deep engineering experience to provide GIS solutions for local and Federal governments and utilities.  Our services include application development. web GIS application support, data conversion, data development and integration services.  We currently are providing a graphical user interface to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Our quality assurance practices address planning, assessment, test development, test execution, evaluation and production rollout.  We have provided the Graphical User Interface and Geographic Information Systems for water/wastewater, roadway and bridge projects. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Somat has partnered with Motorola to help provide high-speed communications technologies that are the driving force behind many of the world’s most successful ITS systems.  Motorola networks enable widespread automated collection of data at the roadside and from vehicles.  Government Departments of Transportation, transit agencies and commercial transportation organizations worldwide are already relying on the numerous benefits provided by Motorola ITS solutions.  Somat has also partnered with e-Plate Ltd., the leader in Electronic Vehicle Identification using active RFID tagging.  Federal, state and local governments are looking to tagging to optimize the use of road space, reduce non-compliance, combat vehicle crime and fight terrorism.  

Today’s highly advanced wireless technologies are a primary enabler in the sky-rocketing growth of ITS.  Comprehensive monitoring and management of large scale, widespread transportation systems have been hampered when only wired systems are in place.  By extending real-time data collection and monitoring to encompass entire transportation systems, wireless broadband equipment enables more efficient, more cost-effective roadway, railway and other transportation operations.

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