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Engineering and testing help determine if proposed site locations are suitable for their intended uses or if the site poses any risk to humans, property or the environment.  Our years of experience and the past experience of our professional engineers and field staff instill them with the knowledge to deal with these risks in a logical and practical manner to allow for successful completion of projects.  Somat Engineering has assisted with design testing and construction engineering for structures related to numerous highway and bridge projects within and outside of Michigan.

Somat engineers are experienced in providing complete designs of buildings, bridges and other structures such as underground storage, conveyance, etc.  We have the capabilities to perform 3-D finite element analysis and create computer models of the structures; these models can be further studied for effects through certain parametric changes such as temperatures, earth pressures, snow, wind and seismic forces.

Based on the site information, topography of the site, geotechnical report, and project budget, Somat analyses suitable types of foundations.  The design is performed as per applicable design specifications and by a licensed professional engineer.  The foundation selected will be the most economical taking into account any constructability issues or constraints.  The foundation soils, bedrock, groundwater conditions, structure loads, liquefaction and scour potential, environmental constraints, construction access, and other construction constraints are important factors to be considered for selecting the type of foundation.  Foundations are checked for bearing capacity, settlement, sliding, overturning, and global stability.  The global stability will be checked by using computer modeling program.  Structural engineering services include those for:

  • Structural condition survey       
  • Steel and concrete design and evaluation
  • Load ratings and retrofitting
  • Foundation design and evaluation
  • Truss and member analysis
  • Foundation and pavement design
  • Settlement and subsidence analysis
  • Underpinning and special foundations
  • Shallow foundations and rigid mats
  • Deep foundations and pressure injected footings
  • Earth retaining structures and reinforced earth
  • Slope design, soil and rock stability
  • Landslide analysis and control
  • Expansive/collapsing soils
  • Dams and reservoirs
  • Hydroelectric facilities
  • Soil and rock instrumentation and blast monitoring
  • Braced excavations and tieback walls
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